You shouldn’t think so much, my dear, that’s your downfall, you think too much for your own good…

  • First Place: Best Travel Book, 2005 North American Travel Journalists Awards
  • Short-listed in the 2005 National Outdoor Book Awards
  • Honorable Mention, 2006 Independent Publisher Book Awards
  • Winner of a San Diego Book Award
  • Honorable Mention, 2007 New York Book Festival Awards

“Chasing Dreamtime takes you on a gripping parallel journey sailing across the Pacific and through the emotional storms which cloud the writer’s past. Neva Sullaway tells her story as she experienced it – through the eyes of a young woman exploring a new world with all the exotic locations, wild characters and death-defying circumstances that have faced less brave and more celebrated adventurers.”

“Skipping pages in Sullaway’s gripping tale is nigh impossible This book’s structure, style and scope give it a legitimate claim to being top-tier maritime literature.”

“Chasing Dreamtime is the riveting saga of a young woman running away from demons unknown, into situations and characters unimagined. Neva Sullaway lived a life that most people would find an incredible adventure and we share that with her, along with the spirituality and peace she finds at the end of her story. This is a wonderful book and one to share with others.”

“A truly captivating memoir filled with love of the sea, and a profound account of one woman’s determination to survive and make sense of her life in spite of cruelty and hardship.”

“This is a remarkable story of personal discovery, a trip through the borderland where the tangible meets the mystical. Echoes of Florinda Donner and Carlos Castaneda! I couldnt put Chasing Dreamtime down; I read it in two sittings.”

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