Clari, this is Neva… American she is, got caught up with the froggies. They were going to march her off to the guillotine…

As a sea-going hitchhiker, Neva Sullaway lived the story of Chasing Dreamtime well before her twenty-fifth birthday. After settling in Sydney, she soon became the Australian Women’s Sailboarding Champion, a title she successfully defended for four consecutive years.

She built a career as a writer and photojournalist, covering sailboarding events in Australia, Europe and the U.S., and wrote One with the Wind: A Guide to Sailboarding in Australia. During this time she also created a magazine for sailors, Freesail Australia, which became Australia’s top-selling sailboarding magazine.

Returning to the U.S., Sullaway studied filmmaking, receiving first place for her short film, Woodcarver, at the San Francisco International Film Festival. She wrote Sailing in San Diego: A Pictorial History for the 1992/1995 America's Cup. She continues to write, edit and do photography for maritime publications.

Sullaway lives with her husband and two children in San Diego, California. She can be reached at