Like the water-serpent Hydra waiting in the night sky, it had stayed with me throughout my journey.

Part 1. Chasing

Tahiti, 1976, Prison!
Arrested for a visa violation, my rescuer arrives. I am bonded to his yacht Patience and must sail with the British skipper and his crew, but to where?

Penrhyn, Tomai
Delirious, I’m taken ashore on an island where few outsiders are welcome. Strange alchemies persist.

Suvarov, Tom Neale’s Island
The solitary man and the myth collide. We learn how to reef fish and what the devil incarnate looks like.

Fiji, Betrayal, The War Zone and The Cyclone
The romantic version of the South Pacific dissolves in a collision of forces. If the sea doesn’t kill me, the mad sailor will.

New Zealand, 1977
The land of beauty and myth-speaking, but the heart is a lonely hunter. I sail on…

Part 2. The Land of Oz

Brisbane, Australia
“Aye, mate, Welcome to Austraaalya,” blast the Customs Officials preparing to board our drug-laden yacht.

Riding a second-hand “pushbike” 2,000 kms. from Brisbane to Bundaberg, Mackay, Proserpine, Townsville, Innisfail to Cairns… I could escape what others could not…couldn’t I?

Part 3. Dreamtime

Cairns, North Queensland, 1977
Yank, Sheila, Deckie, Cook… Who the hell am I?

Weipa and the Gulf of Carpentaria

Where do we come from?
What are we?
Where are we going?

(Title of Paul Gauguin painting, 1897)

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